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The winery

In 2014 Margot x Charlotte joined the family estate with their mother Florence. The two sisters decide together to develop the winery. In 2014, the adventure really begins, Charlotte opened the Bed and Breakfast La Poterne in Epernay. In 2015, after a few years of studies, Margot took over the 2.5 hectares estate spread over the municipalities of Beaunay in the hills of Petit Morin and Celle les Condés in Aisne. Both associated in the project, in 2016 they create the Sensations Vigneronnes a wine tourism activity and then in 2017, initiate the vinification of the first bottles. 50 ares are then dedicated to winemaking. 4 years later, the UniTerre cuvée is born, it is then the first cuvée of the domain.

Know how to love

When you grow up among the vines, the love of the land and the love of the grape are one of the first legacies you receive from your parents and forefathers.

But this love is not simply bequeathed like a precious possession. In this art of loving, there is a part that can be learned and a part that may be tamed over time.

Champagne Oudiette x Filles

The idea was to
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Margot Laurent

Know how to craft

We pay particular attention to the cultivation of our grapes. During the harvest, we take the time to harvest our grapes at high maturity, an optimal quality for the elaboration of our champagne.


Know how to share

With family, friends, for a special occasion or not, champagne allows to gather, to celebrate, to share.

Hearing the bottle pop, the cork propelling itself in the air, the sound of champagne slipping into glasses, the smiles and the laughter, that’s what we like.


Our Cuvée

What better way to express our love of the vine than through a wine?

This first cuvée is the fruit of three generations of passionate work. Without our ancestors, the vines would not have been able to offer us these magnificent grapes.

Signature of a shared work, “Uni-Terre” rested 10 months in oak barrels and 3 years in our cellars.


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